IMG_3757.JPGJust realising it's been a few months since I posted about sounds. Kind of cheating, but thought a few pictures and a round-up might be a nice way to bring things up to date. I've been so happy with my balance of 702 for the morning news, Double J during the day (and of course on Monday nights)(always on Monday nights), and my growing RDIO collection.

I was never much for Spotify, kind of missed it all and anyway I love the interface of RDIO. I especially love that I get to listen to SO MUCH more than I would normally.

The above peachy delights are: * Laura Marling, Once I Was an Eagle, because she is one of the most startling, beautiful, talented artists I know. Each and every album of hers has blown my mind. * Balmorhea, an instrumental that I've just come across and has helped me through rather a few edits and deadlines at work. * Slow Dancer was a hot tip from Zoe, who said that 'it makes the whole evening feel groovy and pour-us-a-winey' and gosh but I second that emotion. * Justin Townes Earl, and I think this is the new one. I saw him at Pace University in NYC a couple of years ago, with my crush Joe Pug, and I just love anything he puts down. This is a little bluesy. * The new Laura Jean - I fell in love with her way back when she sang 'fuck you and the horse you rode in on', and this is just as good. * Great Lakes by John Smith is the kind of album you want to marry and have lots of babies with. There's really no other way to describe it. * The Felice Brothers is just a few days young for me but already sounds like home. * Cate Le Bon feels so bright, and * Aldous Harding feels so far away.