LE* The Great Discontent has just found me. Or I have found it. And I couldn't be happier - so many inspiring creatives and educators and amazing folks talking about what they do. They describe themselves as 'a magazine featuring interviews on beginnings, creativity and risk'. I'm trying begin something, and be better with risk and creativity, so if you need me, that's where I'll be for the next few hours. * THIS IS ME, in the form of a list. Seriously, if you know me, this is what you should know about me.

* A different kind of list, and loaded with goodness at that.

* Getting Unfancy never looked so good - such an interesting concept, a minimalist capsule wardrobe of just 37 pieces for each season. And that's it. Heard a super interesting podcast / chat on The Lively Show about how we dress and think about our body and who we are. I could definitely do with some unfancy in my life.

* Thinking about flying home from Adelaide a day early to make this show at the Sydney Festival - such a rare treat, and I have been swooning over her all winter long

{and - oh! - how lovely is that beautiful collection by Luci Everett}