IMG_3709.JPGSomething about these lovely Australian-made pieces that has me swooning today. Such simple, classic cuts and a beautiful selection of linens. Just the right amount of weight and fibre, and all kinds of delicate prints - check, floral, teeny tiny polka dots. Tucks here, pockets there. I'd take it all, to be honest. Just right for summer and looking all casually amazing and comfortable and naturally beautiful at the same time, you know? They're not cheap, but they are well-made and locally-made and something I wouldn't mind spending my money on. Maybe a Christmas present to myself? Very tempted by the Pocket Dress, and the Raglan Top, or maybe the Deans - or maybe the Deans and the Raglan together, if that isn't too much? IS IT TOO MUCH? I just want to wear linen, is that wrong? Am I becoming my mother? Does it matter?

IMG_3710.JPGAll these beautiful images by PRIMOEZA.