CRSo much on my mind right now. So much. I still feel like I'm catching up on emails and readings after a couple of weeks out of the loop. It was nice to have space and Just Read Books (three whole books in two weeks - oh how I love being away), but it is good to be home and working through some online finds too:

* So much love for this charming bit of humour - it made me laugh out loud quite a bit.

* Portrait of a Marriage in Wartime was about the best thing I've read in a while. Lily's blog is one of my all time favourites, her writing reminds me of Barbara Kingsolver in some ways, maybe her love of the environment, and the way she writes with so much heart and humanity, the way she writes about the details. This was a beautiful picture of a relationship and the different worlds we find ourselves in.

* A little walk my friends and I are hoping to do before Christmas (because obviously I researched bushwalks based solely on their proximity to the Woy Woy fish and chip shop).

Eating: A Manifesto, because I am someone who makes NO APOLOGIES for how much I like to eat and what I like to eat, and I'm sick of other women feeling inclined to. A good friend recently reminded me that potatoes are an 'empty carb' and I wanted to punch her in the face. Let's all just eat and be OK with it.

* My friend Willy wrote a lovely piece about Growing Up in Utopia, or Fairfield, as it were - a pretty special town in Iowa I fell in love with a few years back.