IMG_3591.JPGPretty happy to share this post with you - such a favourite. Little Flowers is a Sydney-based business that I think is just the bee's knees. Each day they find the best in season and deliver small bunches of just that, all around Sydney, for $25. It's such a simple and perfect idea, executed so beautifully. I have used them quite a few times, for all kinds of occasions -  friends' birthdays, when someone's had a rough week, and even a 'congrats on making it to your second trimester, I hope you stop vomiting', because how else do you say that but with flowers?

If you're in Sydney, keep them in mind. Small bunches of joy for a damn fine price...

* All images from Little Flowers - Candy Bianca Roses and Carnations, Snap Dragons with Chincherinchees, and Garden Roses with Sweet William.