IMG_3554.JPGGosh there is something lovely about being home. I landed yesterday morning and the distinctly Sydney kind of humidity and heat eased my sleepy and sore body the moment I left the airport. It felt so familiar. And while I was only gone ten days, so brief really, it was wonderful to come home to my bed and my washing machine and my shower and my kitchen and my old car. Three loads of washing, some groceries, an easy dinner and an early night and then first thing today, THE BEACH. Something about immersing yourself after a long flight - the sensation of it, the stretching your limbs and moving all over as you move through, and especially the saltwater. Saltwater is a gift from the gods, good for all that ails you. I have a friend that likes gardening after long-haul flights, she says having your hands in the earth grounds you. Which is nice, but Bronte at 8 AM is better if you ask me. Japan was spectacular - can't wait to share some of our finds and favourite things here. And hopefully a few pictures.