IMG_3242.JPG Perhaps it wasn't clear from my last post, but goodness me I love Tokyo. And I am having - for the record - an amazing time. I'm falling in love again and again with how kind and respectful the people are here, with the attention to detail, the amazing food, the beautiful architecture, and the three pairs of sneakers I've bought in a week. Hurrah for tax returns and time to explore.

Today was a little slower which was nice. Sunset from a beautiful community park that loops in circles above a highway and highrises, and looks out over the grey city. Rosy hues, a few clouds and champagne in paper cups - glorious. I went home via the department store Isetan and bought gifts for my people and fancy eye cream and take away food for a hotel picnic and an hour to myself. I'm better at life when I've had an hour to myself.

Kyoto in the morning and a little more history and culture for our tired feet, though I've heard talk you can hire bikes and I hope it's true.