IMG_2509.JPGTwo whole years of Sugar Mountain today. Hard to know what to write about after two years of ramblings - I like to think of it as 'the sweet life' (see above, left), but I suppose it's just my small corner of the world to remember the things I like and the things that matter and the things that make me happy. It was supposed to make me write more, and I have, which is nice. Some of it has been personal, some of it GROUNDBREAKING, some of it romantic, some of it spectacular, some of it silly and all of it a dream to write.

So you have here two very grainy out of focus selfies to celebrate two years. It's late afternoon and very sunny, I'm drinking Earl Grey and listening to Gillian Welch with the window wide open and I couldn't be happier about the whole thing.

Thanks for coming by, eh… xxxxx