IMG_2689.JPGI've been noticing a bit of a theme lately (listen to her, talking about her Pinterest like it's an actual thing). I've noticed that I'm liking a whole lot of blue dresses. Loving them, in fact. Until about a year ago I couldn't tell you that I'd really owned a blue dress, unless you count a beach cover-up that is at least five summers faded. But then I bought that Creatures of Comfort dress - that dress of my dreams that I love every time I slip it on. And then this Lauren Moffatt, which was / is a true delight and yet again, BLUE! The whole thing always makes me think of Crowded House: 'you opened up your door / I couldn't believe my luck / you in your new blue dress / taking away my breath'. And maybe they haven't had such a rousing or romantic stamp of approval in my personal experience, but surely it's only a matter of time?

IMG_2690.JPGThese four are pretty damn lovely and very damn blue (one / two / three / four).