FGI'm home to Adelaide this weekend, so not much time to write. Too busy readying for hugs and wine and cake (for Daisy's birthday). A few things that have been on my mind, all the same: * I knocked my own socks off on Sunday night with my very first lamb roast. It was so easy, and so damn light and fresh - which is nice, really, for a hunk of roast meat. I seasoned it with marjoram, thyme, fresh oregano, rosemary from my garden, camomile tea leaves, lemon and honey. I felt perfectly smug about the whole thing thanks to this BBC recipe - two and a half hours and the meat just fell off the bone. I pulled it all, added some of the pan juices, and we worked our way through quite a pile of lamb. We roasted veggies, but it would be lovely with salad too. * I've been watching a bit of iView of late, just bookmarked Brilliant Creatures which I'm looking forward to a night in to watch (a documentary exploring the lives of Clive James, Robert Hughes, Barry Humphries and Germaine Greer - Australians abroad). And yesterday saw Jennifer Byrne's excellent talk with Helen Garner. She spoke about her new book, which I really don't think I have it in me to read. I love her non-fiction, her writing is always so engaging and intelligent and in-depth. She grapples with some hard ideas and this new one sounds especially traumatic, but oh so interesting. It was a brilliant interview. * I can't stop / won't stop when it comes to the new Lucinda Williams - and thanks to the good people of NPR for the stream, what a damn pleasure. It's one of the best things I've heard all year.

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