IMG_2553.JPGNot even 12 PM and I'm posting already, but it's hard to know what could make for a nicer Sunday morning:* woken with a phone call from your bestie, Ehren at home in the Adelaide Hills (he is one of the few people you would answer at that hour) * it being warm enough to be wearing your favourite nightgown (even if you did need a hoodie) * bright sun in the kitchen and the backdoor wide open * a pot of Monk Pear tea * the Best of Fleetwood Mac, loudly * strawberries being good and cheap * and enough time to make oat and coconut pancakes with Greek yoghurt and maple syrup and said strawberries * remembering you have a jar of pecans in the cupboard to add to the sticky mess * nothing ahead of you all day but some study, and the idea of making a lamb roast for dinner * because, spring! * and parsnips! * the door to the balcony open and your whole room smelling like jasmine, and * another pot of Monk Pear tea