GRACE LEEAfter thinking and dreaming and a little bit of scheming, I went ahead and booked a flight to Japan. For next month. Couldn't be happier about it, either. What's not to be amazing - fast trains, mountain villages, old friends, new friends, busy streets, another language and all the sashimi. Part of the trip was inspired by Grace Lee's stunning little illustrations - she has an eye for detail and colour and just the right amount of white space. I met her when she published Amazing Babes last year, and she is always turning out wonderful projects (I follow her Instagram to get a peak). And since she's Tokyo-based these days, I have found myself double-tapping to like everything and anything she shares. As you see here, she really captures the wonderful parts and people of this overwhelmingly busy and exciting town.

We're hopefully meeting up for a beer and hello which makes me happy - locals know all the best places, and she's so damn nice!

Oh, and her prints are available over at Lamington Drive if you know what's good for you.

Images by Grace Lee.