IMG_2409.JPGI was all set to write you up a SUNDAY recipe, as I sometimes love to do, but actually these weren't all that special. Orange, blueberry and maple scones but I think too early in the season. The blueberries were on sale at the front of the supermarket, mounds of them, but they were just soft and watery, not sweet and not much in the way of flavour. So I don't think they baked up as well as they could have, even with the kick of orange zest. I might modify the recipe next time, maybe blackberries when they're ripe, with some lemon and brown sugar instead of maple so they're nice and sticky. Otherwise quite a nice Sunday. I biked to the early yoga which was a very hard work-out, had breakky with a friend and a mountain of bircher with so much fresh fruit, a big smoothie and a strong latte, biked home and did a few loads of washing in the glorious sun, and then managed only a couple of hours of study before I got distracted and procrastinated the afternoon away with the above scones. It's always the nicest way to spend an afternoon, especially with the front and back door open, and the light streaming into our house all golden. I am so glad it's spring.