CHYesterday was stormy - heavy rain and grey skies all day, and the evening closed in all dark and miserable. The timing was some kind of wonderful though, as I had a 6 - 8 PM session of massage and acupuncture booked in. And because my neck was so sore and out of line and my guy had to use an extra five needles, I ended up with two and a half hours of bliss with apricot kernel oil and the sound of rain outside. And if you think that couldn't get any better, I came home and ate the last of the salted caramel sauce I made on Tuesday with ice cream. In bed, listening to Iris Dement. I shouldn't brag, but I totally am, because some nights you just win at life. Last night was one of those nights and I woke up feeling a million dollars.

* Picture by Cristina Hobbs.