EBA quiet post, thanks to a busy week and all this rain. Among the usual parts of a week I got to see The Goonies at the Golden Age Cinema (gosh but I love that little corner of Campbell St - Paramount Coffee and the Golden Age Cinema and Bar)(not to mention I went to the Incu warehouse sale there last month and got myself some $500+ Dieppa Restrepo boots for a sweet little $60). And Goonies is one of my all time favourite films, so it was a night well spent.  I also saw the amazing Bob Brown speak to launch his new book, Optimism, and felt overwhelmingly grateful and inspired by his gentle nature and big heart. He spoke about the environment as a religion, with 7.5 million humans in its thrall. His voice was rich and dry and broad, but full of warmth. So just a few finds for you today...

* Salmon fishing - pictures of a miraculous and hidden bit of beauty and industry. * The picture and the words in this post being just right, because Elize always gets it just right. * The raspberry streusel tarts I made last week and can't get off my mind. * Simple and brilliant edits. * Probably one of the reasons I'm heading off to Europe next May.

* Picture from some of Emma Bradstreet's beautiful looks.