IMG_2325.JPGThat's about all you're getting today - a cup of tea in bed. Actually the biggest cup we own, more of a bucket than a cup. I woke this morning at about 2 with a migraine. I've been getting pretty debilitating headaches for a year now, I don't know if they're migraines, but I can't work when I have them, can't drive, and my eyes go all glassy and I can't focus, I just generally lay about nearly-crying and waiting for the end. They're from my sore / tight neck I think, but I've noticed wine compounds the issue. I had three glasses with dinner last night (and some sticky muscat to go with my tart) and felt like the world was crushing down on me at 5. By 7 I'd cancelled my breakky date and at 9 had taken something for the pain.

So this is 10, a cup of tea and Joni's Court and Spark, because it was all I could manage.