HANDAfter my slow and lovely Sunday, I kind of drifted off this week. Monday was terribly cold (by Sydney standards) and Tola roasted pork with crackling and opened a bottle of red, so that was a write-off. And Tuesday was heavy rain, and I couldn't seem to get myself out of bed at 5:40 for training, and then I had a 4 hour meeting at work, and discussions, and out-of-the-blue reports that took up my time and I was busy, but I didn't feel like I got ANYTHING done. You know those days? So I came home, messaged my lovely friend to cancel (sorry Em), crawled into bed, slept off a headache, steamed some dumplings and kale, then went back to bed. They were two days gone and I felt so angry at how little I felt like I had accomplished. I was feeling heavy and had no momentum. So today I decided to hustle.

I was at my desk by 7:30, latte in hand. I ignored emails and spent hours on a presentation I had been meaning to get to. I went to a 90 minute yoga class, I called my mother, bought groceries, cooked salmon and sweet potato fries and green salad. I washed my hair, painted my toenails, and here I am at half past ten, making raspberry and maple granola.

I just needed to turn the week around. And golly it worked - I'm exhausted, but feeling much lighter and happier. The hustle is where it is at, I tell you.

* Picture by Emma Dajska