IMG_2263.JPGMaybe it's the cold and maybe it's my mood, but I cannot get enough of these two quiet, heartfelt collections. I've been subscribing to RDIO (a nicer version of Spotify, in my mind) for a while now and I love it because I get to listen to so much more than I otherwise might. I listen mostly to ABC local and Radio National in the morning for news, but have Double J on most of my morning as I plough through emails and chores at work, and anytime I hear something I like (which is mostly all the time), I just go ahead and add it to my RDIO collection to listen to in full later. Which I guess is how most grown-ups have been operating for the last few years, but it has taken me a while to catch up. The moral of the story is that these two have been getting heavy airplay on Radio Meg. Both of them, back to back and over and over on cold, grey days. Alela Diane's About Farewell is a stunning album and Everytime the Sun Comes Up from Sharon Van Etten is so good it makes me want to drink whisky.