SCOUTOn my mind this week, among other things: * Because I Don't Care If You Like It is about the best statement I've heard in EVER. Because I Don't Care If You Like It makes me want to shout and dance and even though this piece charts some of the more real and sad aspects of the state of our society, reading it made me happy. Reading it and knowing that the conversation is being had and by intelligent and articulate women around the world is important to me, and the complexities of these discussions make me hungry.

* In entirely different and more trivial matters, this post BLEW MY MIND. Talk about inspiring - not only is Jordan a lady of fine taste (her clothes are always my cup of tea), but she nails it when it comes to packing light and kicking arse. I consider myself a pretty versatile packer, but this is impressive. I love the logic, the simplicity, the mix-and-match-ness of it all and the idea of choosing just a few beautiful, quality things and being OK with that. And don't we always find we wear the same few things anyway?

* I made an apple and strawberry version of this gem last week when we were up at the lighthouse - my friend Addy is GF and we all pitched in to ensure she wasn't without. And I have to say, it turned out pretty damn well (though I forgot the candied ginger in all the haste of packing all the ingredients late the night before)(in my defence, I also made mix for GF coconut waffles and simmered up a raspberry and maple compote to take with so I wash't really idle).

{beautiful image from Scout and Catalogue}