20140721-193124-70284839.jpgSunday away, this week. Up the coast at Seal Rocks, and the Sugar Loaf Lighthouse which was a sight to behold. Four days in one of the most spectacular parts of the world, in my mind. As seen here on Sunday morning, with a pot of coffee, the paper, some Gillian Welch, the sound of James cooking brekky and Tola and I painting our nails in the grey morning light. I'll write properly about the lighthouse soon, I am only just now home and putting on loads of washing and readying for bed (at 8 PM - driving always makes me so damn tired). Anyway, this is about where I spent most of the day reading my book, in between a stormy and bracing beach walk, some riesling, a few games of Scrabble and Fleetwood Mac in the afternoon, a roast dinner of turkey and potato, leek and cauliflower gratin as the storm raged outside, and some charades with seven of the best people I know.