20140715-183858-67138082.jpgI think I've mentioned here before how my sister and I send each other postcards every month or so - have done for almost 15 years, from all over the world, from different cities and states and countries, to just a few streets away. Yesterday I got this one, just in time to make my Monday lovely - James Taylor is a dreamboat, we grew up with him in our house and his voice feels like home. I remember when I moved back to Adelaide, at 22, heartbroken after four years in London and all a bit lost, and my parents took me to see him at the Festival Theatre. He was about the kindest and most gentle-man you could meet (next to my old dad). He thanked everyone for coming with so much genuine warmth, and said 'you know, it just wouldn't be the same without you'. It made me smile. Something in the Way She Moves is one of the most romantic songs I know. So intimate, the parts of the relationship that go unspoken but nurture you all the same.

Thanks Katy xx