PINKThe middle of winter and I'm finding I'm drawn to old favourites for comfort (well, except for Fanfare, the new Jonathan Wilson which is pretty much blowing my mind - a whole other post about that dreamboat a coming). These sounds have been with me for years and have kept me company through all sorts and here they are again, in my ears, in the car, on the train to work and while I'm cooking up hearty dinners to keep warm. * Of course the classic Choirgirl Hotel-era Tori Amos is special to me, but Scarlett's Walk is an album I just never tire of. It's just a like a beautifully detailed and classic and always-looks good dress that you love and can wear with anything, but in song form. A Sorta Fairytale is all soft guitar and piano and the kind of vocal highs and heartbreak Tori does so well. And Wednesday is just about the classiest, sharpest bit of fun you can imagine.

* Having just yesterday booked my very own tickets to see Nick Cave at the State Theatre come December, I am of course getting back to my roots and warming up for the occasion. I last saw him when I was 17, so this is long overdue. And if the Live at KCRW album was a taste of what to expect, I'm a ready. Boatman's Call was one of my first vinyls (thanks dad), but it is Abattoir Blues / the Lyre of Orpheus that I've been hammering this past month. I love the cover, I love the title, I love the literary references and goodness but I love all the songs.

* And maybe it's the cold and these boys PNW roots but I have Death Cab for Cutie on a pretty high rotation too. Plans and Transatlanticism mostly, because they feel dark, but not depressing. They have a kind of wintry-warmth to them, all atmosphere and honest words.