20140701-200146-72106968.jpgThese three have been my sweet dream material of late. I usually go through stages, sometimes dropping my pay on fancy creams, sometimes living off sorbolene alone. Since I hit 30, however, I've been pretty strict with the good stuff. I think of it as 'investing' in my skin and all the years ahead. I've been using Kiehls for ages, their gentle cream cleanser and musk body wash are my faves, and while this winter cold is drying out my poor skin, I've been going heavy with their argan body oil. Malin and Goetz is new to the rotation, but pretty creamy and soft, and I've been using their eucalyptus deodorant too - nice and fresh with none of the nasties. And Grown Alchemist are killing it with hand and body creams - their vanilla and orange peel was my last obsession, and this Persian rose couldn't be any sweeter.

So before bed (whether it's 11 PM as usual, or 8 PM like tonight - heavens be, what a joy) I hit up these three lotions and potions and hope for the best.