20140610-172858-62938099.jpgOne of the better ones, this past Sunday. An early rise, a bit to do around the house and then breakfast with one of my oldest friends and her charming hubby who were out from London. I finally got around to trying Room 10 in the Cross, which I had been meaning to do for a while. So small, so busy and SO GOOD. The service was tops and the food amazing. I had a delicious and toasty bircher and eyed-off Ben's peanut butter and banana on toast the whole morning long. Two good lattes and lots of talk later, we thought it best to give the cosy little table back and head on our way. We covered all the important stuff: love, music, Friday Night Lights, drugs, travel, jobs, babies, mean people, Sweden, family, British colonialism and jackets, to name few. It's the best when you haven't seen someone in ages and it feels just like you saw them last week. By the time I walked home and put a load of washing on, I had remembered it was the long weekend so allowed myself a little down time. I caught up on the last Smith journal and the recent 3191 Quarterly from the comfort of my bed as the afternoon sun came streaming in. Glowing warm winter days are some of the nicest.