SKI came across the tag for my Sabina Kasper bracelet in a drawer when I was folding away washing last week. And as trivial as it is, as so-small-in-the-whole-scheme-of-things-when-the-wolrd-is-falling-apart and ridiculous to admit, I nearly cried. Because I loved that bracelet and I lost it somewhere between work and home when I was living in Surry Hills a couple of years ago. It was a very small, fine gold chain bracelet with one side completely and beautifully bright pink, a kind of very delicate and soft felt. I bought it from Liberty in London a few years ago, when I went back for a visit. I wandered through SoHo to Regent St for the first time since I'd lived there, eight years later, and felt so happy and right at home. The bracelet was expensive, but an I'm-on-holiday-and-this-is-special kind of treat that I got lots of compliments on and loved with all my heart.

But yeah, other than this here post, and unless you know where I can order one online, I don't want to talk about it.