HSTola and I can't stop thinking about Japan. We would just really like to go there. Or, be there, right now actually. I've always wanted to go, but it feels kind of urgent all of a sudden. It feels like I'd love everything about it and it would be an amazing pace, a feast for the senses, a mountain of good food and design and lovely people and new words and sounds all buzzing around me. Not just the Tokyo scene-scapes from Lost in Translation (though that, yes), but also side-streets like this one from the lovely Ebony.

Ebony is a Sydney-local who packed up and moved to Japan a few years ago and has been kind of taking it by storm. She's a crafty little minx, always creating and exploring, and her view of the world is a beautiful one. She wrote  lovely piece about the transition in the last Kinfolk. We have a mutual friend who has just packed his bags for Tokyo too, so it feels a bit like the stars are aligning and Tola and I should really just GO TO JAPAN.

Image by Ebony Bizys of Hello Sandwich