20140526-214024-78024168.jpgSuch a full and bright day. Out the door by seven AM (in spite of a late and boisterous dinner party at ours the night before)(roast dinner and games for 18 if you please), breakfast and chai at Bourke St Bakery by eight AM, an airport drop-off and then in the water at the Maroubra baths by nine AM. To be fair, I would have been in by about half-past eight, but I spent a good twenty minutes on the rocks watching the ocean and worrying about the waves and the cold before I had the heart to get in. It was pretty washy and grey but soon calmed a little, and Roy - the oldest, most weathered local I've ever known - assured me it was nice in. And it was. I'm usually one to hesitate on the first step, and then the second and third, but I got to the first, laughed at my fear, and just dove in with not a care in the world. It was the warmest it's been all season, all year, and only a few days away from winter. I would have stayed in an hour but I had a morning tea date with Nell.

The kind of morning that was so wonderful and so tiring, it took a whole afternoon of cleaning and reading and napping to get over it.