20140505-150629.jpgTried to keep things quiet and productive this weekend. Oh, and warm – winter is most certainly upon us and for the brief moments I wasn’t wearing my best woolie hat, I was thinking about climbing back into bed (because my new linen sheets are a gift from the heavens I tell you – softer and more cuddly than anything I’ve ever known and I’m not sure I can ever go back to cotton)*. Sunday ended up being a day for LIFE ADMIN. You know what I mean, the organising and logistics of functioning as a grown-up in this mad world. Booking flights, making lists, paying bills, updating budgets, answering emails, lodging healthcare rebates, painting nails, (you have to keep yourself nice), and maybe watching a couple of eps of the (British) River Cottage with a cup of Earl Grey. I managed to drag myself out of the house in time for a walk and some yoga in Bondi before it got dark and cold and I went home to roast veggies and open a rather-too-nice for Sunday bottle of pinot noir, just because I needed warming – see above, with track pants and fun socks.

* Ha! What a jerk.