DRUMDouble J launched this morning and I really couldn't be happier. I've been following along with Dig Music for the last few months, readying for the new direction and the idea of 'Triple J for grown-ups'. Dig has been blessing me with eclectic old faves (Lemonheads, You Am I, PJ Harvey, NWA) and then a whole heap of new stuff that I really like - I often found myself listening at work with Dig open in one window, and my RDIO account in another, constantly adding artists or albums I was loving. And I was over the moon that they kicked things off with one of my favourite Nick Cave songs, Get Ready For Love - such a big, bold and beautiful start to things, and a nice nod to all the amazing Australian music we get spoilt by.

* Image by See Gee, though all it does is remind me of my dad who is mad for his drums and always has been.