Not just any Sunday, but Easter Sunday and my nieces here for the week. Daisy is three and she cuddled in with me for the night, then woke up promptly at 4:50 to say that she 'shooked the Easter Bunny's hand Meggy, in the nighttime'. Her diction with past-tense aside, it was pretty cute. I kept her in bed till about 6, when she went and got her big sister Harriet and they hunted around our terrace and backyard for chocolate eggs. They did pretty well in all, and were even allowed to have a couple before breakfast.

I made them waffles with banana, strawberries, greek yoghurt and REAL maple syrup (because, more sugar is always a good idea) and we spent the afternoon with my aunts, uncles and cousins at Nielsen Park for a picnic and swim. The weather in Sydney was glorious, unbelievably sunny and between all the food and cake and sandcastles and saltwater. we were all of us tired out by the evening.

Harriet loved the water, and she's getting to be a strong little swimmer. I'm so proud of her, and I can't resist that smile.