JMIt was my birthday the other day. Another year gone - I feel like time goes by awfully fast these days. But a year nonetheless and while I can sometimes get a bit overwhelmed by birthdays and don't like a fuss, drinks with friends and family at the Cricketer's Arms turned out to be the exact right amount of fuss and just a little too much wine. It was lovely, and it's good to feel grateful for these years, grateful that I'm healthy and happy, surrounded by some pretty wonderful people. Oh, and the presents - spoilt rotten with Aesop, Lucy Folk, Karen Walker, Kinfolk, Letters of Note, new linens, stationery and a very welcome spa voucher for this old face of mine. The picture is by Julian Meagher, an Australian painter I fell quite in love with at the Design Files Open House last year. His new stuff is even more startling - so luminous and transparent and detailed, really special stuff. My mother and my aunt Bethy collect old bottles like this, they line them up on the window sills to catch the light and shadows. I feel like I could look at it for hours, years. If it hand't all sold-out understandably quick, I'd be making a fair dent in my savings so I could do just that.