SHEETSOne of the all-time, best feelings I know is getting into bed with just-shaved legs and clean sheets. It's a kind of heaven, I tell you. I aim for it once a week because I am obsessive about clean sheets (much less bothered about shaving my legs though). I have always had plain white cotton sheets and just prettied it up with different kinds of pillows and a myriad of throws and Indian silks and all kinds of travel linens, sprawled artfully across the base of the bed. I've been in need of a new set of fitted sheets for a while though, and since I've had friends and family coming and going and it's been raining far too much, the house has looked like a Chinese laundry - sheets hanging from racks and the bannister and a pillowslip over the handlebars of my bike. Classy stuff, really. Gorman made some lovely linen ones last season that I somehow managed to resist and then regret terribly, so I was super pleased when I found a set of soft, dusty pink linen sheets on some online sale website a few weeks ago for a very good price. I can't wait till they arrive (more so now that I have read / seen this post). I am hopeful the linen will be a nice change.