20140414-084546.jpgGolly, what a day. A quiet morning and a big pot of coffee with my mother before she and my dad flew home got all messed up by a delayed flight then a cancelled flight then 'we can get you on an earlier flight'. All's well in the end, and I got them and my elderly grandmother to the airport on time, just (driving in my pyjamas as I was). Goodbyes are always sad for me, but it was nothing that a moment for pancakes at Bread and Circus couldn't fix (once I'd got properly dressed of course), and then straight into Hyde Park for the Amnesty International rally for asylum seekers. It was the second rally I'd been to in as many months and both were rained-out pretty badly. Hard to complain about a little rain under the circumstances, hard to complain about anything with the experiences and tragic stories of asylum seekers in mind. I wonder, when I go to these things and sign petitions and curse our blood-on-their-hands government for these shameful policies and practices, quite what difference it makes. But I think with all the heartbreak and anger, it's important to feel like we've done one, albeit small thing.

And so after all the weather and drama and breakfast and back and fourth, Tola and I spent the afternoon watching re-runs of My So Called Life and the light change through the front window. I ate cheese and napped on and off. It was good to get a little quiet in.