20140406-214327.jpgI'm noticing that I don't often catch the best part of my day here, in pictures. I usually write about it, but, as above, post an image of something that's on the side of the best part of my day. I think I'm too often busy eating or daydreaming or soaking in whatever lovely moment there is, that I don't think of taking a picture till much later, till I'm home and folding washing and listening to Fleetwood Mac. Certainly the case today. My morning was spent nursing a mild hangover with a pot of tea and an episode of some or other BBC crime drama in bed, before making a loaf of bread and heading to a friend's place for a late lunch with a few others. Emma put together some salads (this old faithful included) while Tim roasted potatoes and made buttermilk fried chicken. It was all as good as it sounds, and then I made peppermint tea and we worked our way through the five sweet options. And then just before I fell asleep on their couch, Emma sent me off with leftover chocolate tart.