LGSI know I'm always on about The Moth or this American Life, but one of the other podcasts that I love walking home with or cooking dinner alongside is Joy the Baker over on Homefries. Joy gets together with her friend Tracy to talk about 'totally important, unimportant things'. Some of the best episodes of late include: 'I Wish You Were a Chicken', 'It's Hard to Eat and Cry' and 'Why Would I Put a Donut There'. The best moment from the last episode was when, in-between discussing interstate moves and goodbyes and packing and emotions, Joy said 'I'm trying not to feel too many feelings'. And I just laughed and thought, amen. Listening to these dolls is like having a drink with your best friends - they are at all times smart, honest, caring, funny and completely engaging. 

* Picture by Laura Garcia Serventi.