I stopped by Cornersmith this afternoon for a takeaway latte. It's one of Sydney's most special places - amazing and interesting food, strong coffee, lovely staff and a beautiful little feel, all smooth timber and stone floor and a herb garden in the back. It's also a few streets away from where my family live, so I try and stop by whenever I head out that way. I've been a fan for a long while now. And today I took advantage of their latest venture, a local Picklery, where they make and sell all kinds of pickles and preserves and chutneys. Good, old-fashioned, flavourful season-round eating. And I love pickles!

Firstly, I'm excited to put these guys into a grilled cheese, and just happened to have baked a loaf of bread early this morning so it's kind like the stars are aligning just for my sandwich. I used my favourite bread recipe (well, the only one I ever use because it is so dang easy), but lately I've been feeling inspired to challenge myself further. In matters of bread, I turn to Josey in SF. I love the way this guy writes, and I love the way he loves his bread. And he really knows his bread.