BQ1I've spent the last couple of days working through Hannah Gadsby's brilliant little series on Australian art on the ABC (very much worth a look if you haven't yet seen it). Of her many and excellent guests - my good friend Jason Wing among them - it was interesting to hear a little from Ben Quilty. I had just last week read something in the Spectrum, a piece on him in Broadsheet and, perhaps more obviously, fallen quite in love with the pictures of his studio by the talented Rachel Kara. I always love seeing where creative people live and work, it says so much, and this space was all kinds of amazing. I love how lived in and functional it felt (obviously) but mostly it was the beautiful mess that appealed to me. I like when things are a little undone. When there is thinking and motion caught in the way a book is left on a table, or some colours have been smudged across an old floorboard. A few here that to me capture the beauty in the detail, the art in the everyday.BQ2BQ* All pictures Rachel Kara for Broadsheet.