20140325-080735.jpgWhen your day starts out with a sleep in and a big old piece of French toast, you know it's a good one (pancakes weren't available, but I assure you, the French toast at Three Williams is no disappointment). And seeing as it was kind of a hot one, where do you go from a lovely breakfast but to the beach, of course. We hit the rocks off Gordon's Bay just after lunch, before the stormclouds rolled in, and it was stunning. The water took my breath away a little, on the cold side of lovely and the only way in being to jump off the mossy and coral ridges of the rocks. Getting out is a far more difficult and decidedly unglamorous affair, climbing and balancing as the tide washes in, but all was worth it. We ate grapes and cheese and crackers that James bought (he is ever the gentleman) and talked about sting-rays and schools of fish. Saltwater always tires me out (in the best way). My eyes feel sleepy and well worn after a day at the beach. I managed to put a few hours in building some drawers that I finally got around to buying for my room, with the help of a friend Luke and a little Kurt Vile for company while Tola cooked dinner. Lamb chops, some red wine and an early night ended things pretty nicely.