LOSTThis year still has me a little lost. It's not a terrible thing, not as sad or awful as it might seem, but things feel distinctly in-between. Maybe it's all this time at home, sick and thinking too much, but I feel restless. Like I'm ready to be working at something big, something all-inspiring, but I'm not settled on what. I've been thinking about balance a lot. About what we are working towards and what we have; how one isn't necessarily bigger than the other. I have had a five-year plan since I was about 19, my friends sometimes laugh, but I never want to be that person who wakes up when they're old and says, 'oh, I forgot to go to Mexico, I always wanted to do that'. Things don't happen unless you make them happen. And things are important, big ideas to work towards. But as I get older, I feel more and more strongly that the day-to-day is where the magic is. The small beauties and details: everything from the constant of the birdsong in the morning and the golden afternoon light, to just the feel of clean sheets, a glass of red with dinner, a good book, Madewell boots on sale, my nieces coming to stay for Easter, postcards from friends, a batch of buttermilk scones.

These are the things that make me happy and I am grateful for them each and every day. In-between or not, how we spend our days and nights surely has to count for a lot.

* The orgins of the IMAGE is, sadly, unknown. I found it through a world of Pinterest and Tumblr. Let me know if you know who to thank…