20140316-213012.jpg Restful and slow today. Yesterday, two of my best friends got married. It was a special and kind of dramatic one. Dramatic, if you can picture 100 people cheering for the happy couple as the thunder clapped over Bronte Park and we promptly upped vintage chairs, and, in all our finery, ran back through the park to the club overlooking the beach just as the storm broke. We made it with only a light sprinkling and as the torrential rain hit and the clouds loomed over the grey beach, we sipped on champagne and watched it all unfold from the deck above the beach. There was a moment as we were all of us picking our way through the wet grass, a sea of colours, strappy shoes and damp suits that I laughed out loud and just thought 'of course'. It somehow felt entirely appropriate that Addy and Mirza's wedding would feel like a scene from a French film. Like it was never going to be any other way.

So by today, feet sore from dancing, chest still a mess from this cough and my voice on the way out, I drank tea, read the paper, napped and took it all very easy. This is a crown we DIY'd out of some of the beautiful table greenery when things at the reception got all a little merry and messy (as happens). Tola bought the beautiful ceramic cup home from Mociun in New York, one of our favourites. It stormed again this afternoon, and I loved the way the light fell on the wall and table. It always feels clearer and cleaner after the rain.