CYI've been taking it pretty easy the last couple of weeks. A terribly sore neck, some closely related head aches and now the beginning of what I fear may be a chest infection, has kept me mostly around the house. Tola has been in NYC with family, and while I've missed her terribly, it's been good for me to put up with my own company. I don't mind my own company, and usually crave some quiet time to gather my thoughts or even just leave them behind and go along with something else. I've been watching a bit of telly, settling in on the couch with my laptop and...

* RAKE - probably one of the funniest, most charming bits of Australian drama I've come across. Richard Roxborough's Cleaver Green is so amazingly awful and endearing, just the right balance of asshole and loveable rogue. I gets kick out of the Sydney backdrops and the sense of fun, sharp as a tac though it is.

* NASHVILLE - oh yes, Nashville. And not just because of Connie Britton's hair (though she is, and it is, spectacular). I love the country music, I love the cheap, high drama, and I love most of the characters. Connie herself as Raina James is just a dream of a woman, and I crush equally between Gunnar Scott's young and bashful good looks, and Deacon Claybourne's weathered guitar-strung charm. And Lennon and Maisy are just the best dang things this side of Tennessee.

* Any kind of DAVID ATTENBOROUGH documentary - I love his voice and the wonder unfolding on the tv while I potter around on my laptop or paint my nails. The last couple have been abut the Arctic, and a lovely one about polar bears.

* GIRLS - of course. There's surely a whole Lena Dunham for Queen post coming along here real soon, I love her that much. Watching Girls fills me with joy. Joy because it makes me laugh and smile and breaks my heart quite a bit, but mostly because I am so over-the-moon relieved and happy and impressed by a women's voice in tv that is at once refreshing and realistic and ambitious and strong and vulnerable and all those multi-faceted things that women actually are. And the scene last week where Lena was wearing a midriff, child's sized cream t-shirt with fluoro green lizards on it prompted me to send my sister a picture message of the whole screen and the words: 'this is why the world is going to be ok'.

* Pretty much anything BBC. Period dramas are my favourite, followed very closely by London crime dramas. I'm such an anglophile. I loved my four years in London like it was my long-lost best friend. It felt like home in such a familiar and all-encompassing way. So I love almost everything about the BBC - the range of accents, the history in every damn building, the humour, the cold and grey. All of it.

{Picture by Cy Twombly}