20140312-205057.jpg This Sunday was just right for washing the week away.

I spent the morning buying birthday presents and browsing for the house at Mitchell Road. It is hard to believe it will be closing soon - such a Sydney haunt. I've bought so many parts of my home from those dusty aisles. I'm told it is moving to a new space, still local, and hope it will have the same weathered charm, though I'm not convinced. It felt good to take the day slow, pots of tea, no rush to be anywhere, an afternoon moment with my book on the couch, and then, just before three, the best part of my week.

The depth and clarity of the water at Bronte this weekend was spectacular. It was like nothing I've ever seen and I thought about how I love that about the sea, how changing and reflective it is when it catches the light just so. I went for a swim at the baths on my own, before I met friends in the park, because I just couldn't help myself. The water felt soothing and close and so damn fresh. I ran into my friend James while I was knee deep and squinting at the sun, he kind of lives by the water, and made a pact to swim every week till the season broke because it felt so amazing.