20140306-214026.jpg I'd kept things pretty quiet lately, till last week's splurge of course, and now here I am awaiting delivery of these treats. Vege Threads is an Adelaide brand that I've come to know and love. I picked up their tank dress at Christmas, in the lovely deep rust colour and have worn it A LOT. Not only is this a local Adelaide brand, but their designs are solid, their materials organically and ethically sourced, and they just wear beautifully. They're 100% cotton and naturally dyed and they just hold their shape and colour so dang well. I often find cotton can stretch or warp and lose it's shape, even though I love the idea of plain, fresh, breathable natural fibres, but not these babies. Vege Threads have put together a really fantastic product that I am completely smitten with.

VEGE ONEKeep an eye on their Instagram, as I managed a 15% discount and free shipping, which made my striped tank dress and mocha tee (hopefully arriving tomorrow) kind of hard to walk away from.

*Images via Vege Threads.