NEKO Last night was a dream, it really was. I've gone on about Neko Case before, so you can imagine my joy at a whole night of her, in the concert hall at the Opera House with one of my favourite guys. She's got a voice like honey, a voice like gold, and her harmonies with the lovely Kelly Hogan just soared in that amazing space. Her songs are not only beautiful, but strong. She writes about heartbreak and fear and friendships, lots about animals and human nature. And she has about the bets hair I've seen - I turned to Dave just a minute into the firts song and said 'I'm so never brushing my hair again'. What a babe.

Her band are gentlemen and wildly talented at that. Slide guitar and banjo and piano. She played Calling Cards from her new album and said it was one she wrote for all her band members, those on stage and those that she has played with for years. It was lovely, reminded me of those old friends I have lived with and travelled with and known for more years than I can think to count. Those small and special moments that fall away but mean so much. And of course she went ahead and closed with Star Witness, my very favourite song, and my night was nothing but perfect.