20140217-205733.jpgMy Sunday got relegated to Monday this week. My grand plans of potting all the bits and pieces I was gifted up the Coast were rained out on Sunday. Not that I was terribly bothered - I slept late and read the paper in bed while it poured away outside, thankful I didn't really have to do much. I got up at about 10 to make a pancake (yes, just the one - because when they're this good all you need is one), did a little washing and made another pot of tea. Slow and lovely it was. But I wanted to get these babies in some soil, so tonight after work and after yoga, in the lovely late-evening-but-not-yet-dusk that I so love about summer, I set to work on our front porch. It gets the afternoon sun anyway, so I had a beautiful time of it and I have to say, I'm pretty pleased. In my experience, succulents go a long way, so the cuttings should strike nicely. I want one for my desk at work, and a few for my balcony upstairs once they're a little hardier and showier.

*Yep, there's even an aloe vera in there, and a jade plant or 'money tree' by the front door for luck.