SUNDAYThis was another good one. A night up the coast with some of the best ladies I know, a kind of laid-back hens weekend for my friend Addy. I went up early yesterday, it being warm and a nice excuse to spend the afternoon with my aunty who has lived on the Central Coast since I was a kid. We used to spend weekends with her as a family. She is the aunt that always sent handmade birthday cards, each with a neatly drawn flower fairy all covered in glitter. She has an amazing garden herself, always has, and after a big pot of tea she sent me off with three pots and about 20 little cuttings. The beach house we rented looked over the beach at North Avoca. We made prawn ceviche, drank cheap rose and bubbles and listened to Solange. It was pretty tame as far as hens nights go, but just what we were going for and a lovely time. I woke at 6 to watch the sunrise from the balcony in my nightie - we were far enough up the hill to have a spectacular view of the cliffs in the distance, but close enough to still hear the waves. It was a pretty misty and foggy morning, which made the sunrise kind of muted and cosy, but it gave way to a strong and hot day. We made buckwheat pancakes and went for a mid-morning swim, then finished the afternoon in the shade of one of my new favourite places, Like Minds. More on that later, and by more I do mean a pistachio affogatoโ€ฆ