LILYNot much to say about these sounds, except they are all pretty wonderful to me right now:* Oh for Jarvis. And not just Jarvis, but Jarvis reading Seamus Heaney (my swoon) -  a wonderful poem and that delight of the British accent (sadly not Irish, but kind of midland, with just the right inflections and weight and character to it, like it might just be from the North). * And then to to a whole other side of the world for a bit of California love from the beautiful Jenny Lewis (another crush, really) as Rilo Kiley. This song, Let Me Back In, has just the right amount of jangly guitar and heartbreak, in a kind of playful and melodic way. I like it a lot. * And because I tend to do things in threes, I give you by no relation, the whole dang Nick Cave album, Live from KCRW. He is a LONG TIME crush, is Nick, such an amazingly talented (old) man and this one feels kind of in-between me, Cocker's Heaney rendition, and Lewis's longing for California. Or something. Also, I've hardly stopped listening to it for a month.

{Image of the always inspiring Lily Stockman's studio by the ever-talented Nicole Franzen}