20140206-212855.jpgA busy one this Sunday, feels like it has taken me a week to get around to the post just catching up on sleep and washing and life, generally. Still, it was lovely. I took this picture somewhere between cake preparation, a brekky date, my volunteer shift and an afternoon dinner party at ours. It's a gift from my aunt, the youngest of eight on my mother's side and one of my favourite people. She lives not far and I love having her and her family close by. They just got back from a grand old road trip around the States. Much like our road of plenty, they drove from NYC down to New Orleans, hitting all the best parts along the way. I gave them whole lists of cafes and bars and galleries and museums, places I have a real soft spot for and thought they all might like. One of the best being Two Boroughs Larder in Charleston, South Carolina. It was, for me, a meal of a lifetime. Something about how casual and delicious the meal was, how sweet and homely the place felt, how kind and cool the staff were. It was how a place should be. And the O'Connor family took me at my word and shared a beautiful dinner there last month, and then went ahead and brought these beautiful over-seized matches all the way home to me as a treat.