20140202-143650.jpg Oh golly. I warned you about this the other day, and gave full and colourful hints over on my Instagram and now here we are. Brown butter baked doughnuts.

Yep, BROWN BUTTER BAKED DOUGHNUTS are actually a thing - and of course it took Joy to tell it to me. No one cares like Joy. I'm not going to detail the recipe here, I'll direct you right to the source because it's important you get this right. But I will say that it took 5 weeks for my doughnut tin to arrive from ebay and it was worth every damn day.

The funny thing is, I would never buy a chocolate iced doughnut from the bakery. It wouldn't occur to me - I'm always distracted by glossy pastries or chewy biscuits. So this was a bit of a revelation.