LWThree things today that are especially on my mind:* Reading this little piece in NY Mag just now over my morning latte and thinking about intelligent and creative women and books. Thinking especially about the books we read when we're young and how they shape us. I was talking last week about Robyn Klein's All in the Blue Unclouded Weather, a childhood favourite, along with Dodie Smith's I Capture the Castle, Jean Webster's Daddy Long Legs and of course all of LM Montgomery's Anne books. All so special to me. Thinking a whole post on beloved books is long overdue, actually. Any defining ones come to mind for you? * I'm only a quarter of the way through the documentary Life in Movement over on ABC iView, but it closes in three days, so I had to mention it here so you all have a chance to watch. Tanja Liedtke was an amazingly talented dancer and choreographer whose tragic death a few years ago really upset me. This film shares her story and the story of the dancers she collaborated with. I'm always in awe of dancers, so much grace and movement and strength in their body, so much hard work and dedication to their craft, and so damn beautiful to watch. * I started following Card Carrying Feminist over on Instagram and just love the concept. Lots of different and amazing people making a powerful statement in a really fun way. I have ordered a few cards for some of the special women in my life.

Picture by Lari Washburn.